Monday, June 20, 2011

collisions with the sublime- new work

Dusk in the Last Canyon.  Oil on vellum.  42 x 32."  2011.

Wolges at the Gate.  Oil and enamel on vellum.  40 x 32."  2011.

The Wolf.  Oil and enamel on vellum.  10 x 10."  2011.

The Great Hunt.  Oil and enamel on vellum over digital print.  10 x 10."  2011.

Sebastian's pelt.  Oil and enamel on vellum over digital print.  10 x 10".  2011.

The Museum of Dying Giants. (exterior).  fake fur, pine trees and needles, fiberglass sculpture, oil paint on vellum.  2009.

Jelly.  Fiberglass, oil paint and fabric.  Dimensions variable (hoods 30" diameter).  2005- 2011.

The above paintings are almost all oil on vellum, often painted on both sides or with images behind the paintings, so that ghost images show through the dominant image.  They range in size from 10 x 10" to 8 feet.   Many of these works play with the idea of the sublime- of the Romantic's take on the natural world, occasionally by initiating a literal "romance" with nature in the guise of wolves, etc.  In all of these images, the subjects attempt to initiate a romantic connection with nature, but, due to the disassociations of modernity, they fail in strange and spectacular ways.

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