Friday, April 22, 2011

Dr. Zhivago

Stills from the 1965 movie Dr. Zhivago, based on the novel by Russian Boris Pasternak.  The novel charts one man's experiences during the end of the era of the Tzars, and the inception of the new Soviet ideology.  In these scenes, Yuri- a doctor and tortured poet- hides out from the Soviet security police with his beloved Lara (Julie Christie, whose blonde coif remains astonishingly well-manicured even during forced marches through Siberian wastelands).  Here, the couple are staying in an abandoned country estate, which has been left open the elements.  Everything, inside and out, is coated with ice, a winter wedding cake of a set that must have been terrific fun to shoot in.  Perhaps one of the most romantic depictions of winter in modern cinema.

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  1. I was so young when I saw this movie for the first time and I have never forgotten the beauty of this house and the wintry scenes. JUST beautiful.